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From Paco Rabanne Invictus to CK One: A Man’s Guide to Cologne

by Perfume Oasis 25 May 2023 0 Comments

When you smell good, you’re likely to feel good as a consequence, and there are few better options for men than branded colognes. With memorable scents curated by prominent celebrities, sportspeople and designers, matching your personality and fashion choices with that perfect perfume, cologne or eau de toilette. There are almost too many to choose from on the market in 2023, though with the help of this updated Perfume Oasis guide, you’re one step closer to finding that fantastic alluring fragrance to set you apart. Continue reading and browse brilliant branded choices - from the unrivalled star power of Paco Rabanne, to the charismatic charm of Kalvin Klein.

Perfume, Cologne And Assorted Fragrances

All fragrances are largely the same in practice, but they’re given a specific title based on their concentration of oil in alcohol and water. Cologne or (eau de cologne) is the title usually reserved for masculine scents, which are typically composed of two to four percent perfume oil, in alcohol and water. It is important to note however, that many people use the terms ‘cologne’, ‘aftershave’ and even ‘perfume’ interchangeably, therefore you’re probably best off checking the specific content within a product before you acquire it, as this may affect how long the scent remains prominent. Here are a selection of reasons to pick up a new signature scent for the Summer:

Health And Hygiene

Cologne can improve your health and make you feel more hygienic in an instant. You won't need to worry that your body odour will give the wrong impression when you're wearing cologne and a couple of sprays of deodorant for good measure. As an added bonus, fragrances may benefit your health, and using a distinctive high-quality cologne can help you create strong, long-lasting connections with those around you. This is because the right fragrance sends a positive, mood-boosting message about yourself to everyone you interact with!



Cologne is the sophisticated way to go if you want to make a good first impression. The strongest of the five senses and the one that is most closely associated with emotion and memory is smell, so why not use a premium scent from Perfume Oasis to get the attention you want from that important individual? Additionally, Cologne creates the ideal atmosphere for first encounters, as by donning cologne, you communicate to others your concern for personal grooming and appearance. You immediately come across as more refined, and put-together when wearing a scent, and this can improve how people perceive you right away, assisting you in maintaining crucial connections.

Individual Expression

Having a distinctive scent will help you easily stand out from the crowd - because not all men wear cologne as surprising as that may be. Use a top-notch cologne that will last all day to make a statement, with top notes, middle notes, and base notes all found in a great fragrance. Since the mid notes and base notes of a cheap cologne are frequently absent, you won't stand out or leave a lasting impression for very long, though that shouldn’t be an issue when you shop with us. It's a good idea to wear cologne to work or on dates, but make sure it's a high-quality scent that will impress!

Selecting Your Scent

There are times when the best place to start is right in front of you, so consider your daily activities. Which fragrances do you already favour? Are there any scents you’ve encountered before which really stand out to you? Knowing the essential components of a fragrance allows you to associate those notes with the mood or energy you want to convey. Of course, different people have different meanings for different notes, but it's still as simple as can be to locate one that is both universally liked and particularly important to you. Consider adjusting the fragrance to your surroundings by taking into account the situation, your goals, the situation's context, and the mood - not to mention the season if you like to change things up depending on the weather.

Brands Of Note

Stocking the most prominent fragrances for both men and women, you’ll find everything from exclusive premium collections from world renowned creators, to emerging scents from quirky emerging brands. Well worth exploring if you’re acquiring a gift or adding to an existing stash of perfumes and colognes, here are our highlights for mid-2023.

Hugo Boss

Though Hugo Boss is best known as a famous fashion and lifestyle brand with a history dating back to 1924, sophisticated designs have made way for sophisticated scents. Our Hugo Boss colognes let you experience the height of luxury, with scents that seduce the senses, embracing the appeal of classic elegance. Each perfume from the famed fashion brand inspires confidence and style, from the vivid and dynamic notes of Boss Bottled to the alluring charm of Boss The Scent. Hugo Boss Colognes offer a signature option for all, whether you want a light and energising aroma or a warm and enigmatic blend.


Paco Rabanne

Allow Paco Rabanne's colognes to enchant your senses when you shop with Perfume Oasis. Paco Rabanne takes you to a world of seduction and flair with his legacy of avant-garde scents. Immerse yourself in the appeal of brilliant citrus, savoury spices and luxurious wood tones. Every perfume is a symphony of confidence and sophistication that follows you around, leaving a trail of undeniable appeal in its wake. Bring out your inner charisma and leave a memorable impression with Paco Rabanne Invictus or Paco Rabanne 1 One Million.

Tom Ford

Our Tom Ford colognes are captivating to say the least, and these fantastic fragrances evoke a sense of confidence in all who wear it. Elevate your fragrance game with Noir EDP Spray and let Tom Ford colognes define your distinctive style. A top note of bergamot, verbena, caraway, pink pepper and violet is both powdery and fresh, ideal for social gatherings and formal events.


These scents come from illustrious fashion house Giorgio Armani, displaying sophistication and elegance with each spray. Experience a meticulously created symphony of notes designed to inspire charm and confidence. Each perfume is a work of art that makes a lasting impact - whether you favour the sensual embrace of Armani perfumes, the energising explosion of Acqua Di Gio, or the classic allure of Armani Eau Pour Homme. With Armani colognes, you enter a world of unadulterated aromatic pleasure.

Calvin Klein

Created over time to leave a lasting impact, and entice people in with a seductive allure. Calvin Klein colognes offer a sense of subtle luxury and masculinity. Ranging from the fantastic CK One (a fragrance that crosses gender barriers) to the sensual Obsession and Eternity options, give in to the power of aroma with collections from Perfume Oasis.

Perfume Oasis: Dior Sauvage And Premium Mens Perfume

If you want to smell good and feel good, our site is the best place to do your online shopping! We have everything from high-end skincare products to celebratory gift sets and top-tier perfume or cologne options. All of our products come from direct suppliers and are 100 percent authentic. We don't wait for special occasions to offer discounts, allowing you to shop with confidence every single time. Visit Perfume Oasis for a wide selection of top-notch perfumes including YSL, Calvin Klein, Clinique, and Armani Emporio. Find your signature scent today, and contact us for more information on our brilliant cologne assortment.

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